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CNC Milling is a method in which a machine removes material from a stationary workpiece with a machine cutting tool. This method involves cutting a workpiece by pressing against it with a cutting tool. This differs from CNC turning as with a Lathe, the work piece rotates. The use of rotation is what differentiates these two machining methods. The cutting tool in milling procedures revolves around its axis. Milling operations can be divided into two categories: face and peripheral. Face milling is a type of cutting that results in an impact at or near the tool's corners. Peripherals milling, necessitates a cutting motion along the diameter of the cutting tool. Whether it's on the face or peripherals, all milling operations necessitate the rotation of the workpiece. The cutting tool used in milling processes does not move. It always stays still rather than rotating.

Small CNC Milling Machine

Precision CNC Milling machine

How Our CNC Milling Process Works

CNC milling is complex machining process that uses pre-programmed CAD/CAM controls and multi-point cutting tools to create tailored dimensions or designs. The method efficiently removes material from the workpiece’s exterior and ultimately produces an “engraved” item based on the customer’s specifications.

Our machinists can work with a wide variety of mediums including exotic metals, wood, glass filled plastic, polymer, and even silicone. Milling is one of our most cost-effective methods for quick production, product customization, and branding. However, milled parts usually require roughing and finishing before ideal accuracy and tolerance are achieved. Our team stays focused so you can stay on schedule.

Benefits of Alpha Precision CNC Milling Service

Quick turn CNC milling has many practical uses as long as you find the right company to do it. While the process may demonstrate several benefits over other machining techniques, it’s not always an appropriate course of action. When it is, however, these are the four advantages it brings:

  • Customizable ordering: Quick turn CNC machining can produce parts for small or large batch orders.
  • Creative licensing: Machinists can create complex designs by using multi-tooth and single point cutting implements.
  • Better outputs: Greater precision can be achieved when finishing a workpiece on the mill.
  • Increased flexibility: Our in-house capabilities include washing, polishing, and deburring your assembled parts before shipment.
CNC milling machine

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