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Alpha Precision of Fremont, CA specializes in short (low volume) and long run (large scale) production machining, precision CNC machining and prototype machining for small to large parts. Our experienced machinists have the ability to create prototypes with many different CNC machines, that utilize a variety of tools, and materials. Alpha Precision specializes in low volume production runs, as well as large scale production runs. Whether you are in need of hundreds to thousands of parts, our machinists are
dedicated to creating a product of both the highest quality and maximum efficiency to meet your requirements and project turnaround time.

Lathe Turning Operations

CNC Machine working on CNC Turned Components

Benefits of Alpha Precision Low To High Production

Precision and Repeatability

The dynamic precision and repeatability seen with CNC machining occur under load stress. Because CNC equipment can adjust to the amount of stress exerted on components by particular applications, the equipment can maintain precision and repeatability requirements.

Maintaining the Proper Degree of Conformity

CNC machining also allows operators to check and maintain the degree of conformity so that new cutting tool edges do not impact programmed positions. The ability to establish the precise placement and alignment of working devices and applied forces ensures the exact repeatability of custom parts.

Benefits of Alpha Precision Low To High Production

Produce Any Type of Product

The flexibility provided through CNC machining allows shops to produce nearly any type of product. Multiple CNC machines operated by the same controller and programming keep manufacturing lines moving while reducing the possibilities for human error.

CNC Machining Speeds Manufacturing Processes

CNC mills and lathes have multiple axes of motion that allow drilling, grooving, boring, cutting, threading, and other machining operations to occur around and through a workpiece.

CNC Machine working on CNC Turned Parts

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