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who are we?

Alpha Precision is a fully equipped CNC machine shop located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Perhaps the greatest asset of Alpha Precision CNC lies within our manufacturing experience and detail to quality. With experience that dates back to 1975, we have been through decades of technological advancements that add to the arsenal within the trade.

With experience utilizing various materials, spanning across many industries that include aerospace, medical, semiconductor, microwave, etc., it is our goal to try to meet our customer needs and do the best that we can for our customers with these current capabilities. When necessary, we utilize outside processing and capabilities needed to meet our customer product demands.

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our mission

Alpha Precision CNC, LLC is dedicated to the development of lasting, profitable relations by seeking perfection in machining, engineering, and manufacturing, while reducing costs through innovative production methods, resulting in unmatched American quality.


Alpha Precision is not content to remain limited to our current capabilities. We are constantly under plan to improve our processes and capabilities in order to insure continued customer support and confidence. We are presently developing our systems and procedures of constant improvement in order to become ISO certified in the near future. As well as to become a well-established reliable manufacturer of products for our growing customer bases here in the Silicon Valley.

Finally we would like thank you for your time and consideration. We hope we can establish a good working relationship that will support your manufacturing needs and our manufacturing capabilities.

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Core Values


To be unrivaled leaders in all aspects of American manufacturing.

Obsession for perfection

To achieve six sigma in business, manufacturing, and customer service.


To cooperatively utilize talents, education, and experience to accomplish our goals.


To create value through advanced technologies and ingenious solutions.

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